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HousTone Records Signs “The Desiree” October 1, 2021

HousTone Records Signs “The Desiree” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE , – October 11, 2021 – HousTone Records LLC, a Texas-based independent record label announced that they...

Timeless Classics Volume XVII Holiday Cheer Cover

The Greatest Collection Of Holiday Music Ever, 2000 Plus Songs; Timeless Classics Volume XVI “Holiday Cheer”


Beautiful Beige

Beautiful Beige was originally written in 1971 for Stevie Wonder. Intended to be what it is a song of inspiration. In 1979 I...

Timeless Classics Volume V Reggae Live

Timeless Classics Volume V, Reggae Live


Gracias,El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits

Gracias,El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits  (Re-Mastered) From Houstone Records English Gracias, another in a series of Houstone Records CD releases that focus on...

Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013, Aubrey "Bluesdog" Dunham

Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham Now I Am Singing The Blues

HousTone Records Announces The Releases Of Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013 on November 5th, 2013 Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013...


Kinny Abair Blues Americana Unplugged

Kinny Abair (Herbert William McKinney)
a little known protégé of Sam “Lightin” Hopkins, 
son of Katie and James McKinney born October 16, 1938, in...


Beautifully Drowned By Madman Justice

Press Release: The Re-release of Beautifully Drowned from Houstone Records: by Madman Justice Madman Justice Texas Blues Rock With An Edge” Biography: During the...


HousTone Records: Making a difference by Promoting and Distributing Music Therapy One CD at a Time! With HR rebrand, which is all about The Timeless Classics digital Music Collection

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