Gracias, EL General Greatest Reggaeton Hits (Re-Mastered)

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Gracias, EL General Greatest Reggaeton Hits (Re-Mastered)
Gracias, El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits – Re-mastered Release Announcement

By: Hazel Fulton
March 1, 2019

Houston, TX – Gracias, El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits is another CD release by HousTone Records focusing on re-introducing vintage artists to today’s music enthusiasts.

We know you will enjoy and appreciate El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits and will even add it to your playlist. The title of Gracias, El General Greatest Reggaeton Hits was inspired by increasing enthusiasm for all types of Latin music around the world.

El General was born Edgardo A Franco on September 27, 1964 in the Rio Abajo region of Panama City, Panama. His mother left for New York in pursuit of a better life. When he was 12, El General developed an interest in Jamaican Dancehall style music and it was the only music he listened to. It was then that he decided to become a rapper. El General began writing songs, creating beats and performing as a DJ at reggae shows; he recorded and taped his appearances.

He was a great self-promoter and marketed himself by distributing and selling tapes. One of his promotions involved giving tapes to bus drivers and asking them to play the tapes on the bus during their daily routes. A politician running for mayor heard his music and asked El General to create a campaign song for him. When he won, the new mayor gave credit to El General’s campaign song, “it played a major part in helping me become mayor,” he said.

To express his gratitude, the Mayor awarded El General a scholarship to study in New York City, where Edgardo reunited with his mother. Although he received a degree in business administration becoming a professional accountant was not his calling. His real passion was music so he started a music career.

El General is considered the Father of Reggaeton (Spanish Hip Hop) and is considered one of the first performers to write, record and perform Spanish dancehall reggae concerts. Jamaicans and Panamanians have long shared a symbiotic musical relationship. Jamaicans helped build the Panama Canal and in the mid-seventies Jamaican workers introduced reggae to Panama.

About HousTone Records

One of the key elements when working with HousTone Records is that the artist must agree to record/provide two well-known cover songs per each CD released. This allows HR to market unknown up-and-coming artists in a comfortable format to be judged by fans for the talent they have, based on the music the listeners already know. From these selections, we choose songs that match the theme of the release and include them as part of our marketing plan.

Submittal Guidelines
HousTone Records does not accept unsolicited material. Artists must request to submit three songs for review. One of the three songs must be a well-known, million selling cover song. Artists may only submit a request by e-mail but a HARD COPY PROMO PACKAGE must be sent only by regular mail. Once we review an artist’s material we will make our decision and notify artist by e-mail.

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###Gracias, EL General Greatest Reggaeton Hits (Re-Mastered)

# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Te Ves Buena 03:35 El General-Edgardo Franco
2 Muévelo 04:05 El General-Edgardo Franco
3 Rica y Apretadita 04:20 El General-Edgardo Franco
4 Banana 04:13 El General-Edgardo Franco
5 Plato 04:11 El General-Edgardo Franco
6 Tu Pum Pum 04:21 El General-Edgardo Franco
7 7Latinos a Ganar 04:06 El General-Edgardo Franco
8 La Chicas 03:52 El General-Edgardo Franco
9 El General-Edgardo Franco9Mentidosa 03:41 El General-Edgardo Franco
10 Baila 03:41 El General-Edgardo Franco
11 Rico 04:17 El General-Edgardo Franco
12 Funkete 04:11 El General-Edgardo Franco
13 Vomos 04:35 El General-Edgardo Franco
14 General’s Mic 03:52 El General-Edgardo Franco
15 Bumpin 03:25 El General-Edgardo Franco
16 Caramelo 03:47 El General-Edgardo Franco
17 Tu Soden (Mix) 07:58 El General-Edgardo Franco
18 Perezosa 03:50 El General-Edgardo Franco
19 Samba Hey 04:04 El General-Edgardo Franco
20 Robi-Rob’s Boriqua Anthem 08:58 El General-Edgardo Franco
21 RLas Chicas (Merengue Version) 03:53 El General-Edgardo Franco

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