Now I Am Singing The Blues 1975 To 2013, Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham


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Aubrey “BluesDog” Dunham’s Now I Am Singing The Blues 1975-2013 Release Announcement

By: Mia Trujillo
March 1, 2019

Houston, TX – HousTone Records’ latest release is Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013 by Aubrey “BluesDog” Dunham. Now I Am Singing the Blues was originally released as a six song CD in 1994. 1975-2013 features 10 previously unreleased songs including No Skull, No Bone, I’m The Blue’s Dog Baby, Blues Dog Boogie, and Born To Be Wild Part II. The CD also includes six other extended versions from the originally released CD.
If you enjoy the blues, roadhouse blues, blues rock or jump blues, then you must add Now I Am Singing the Blues to your music collection.

To perform the blues, artists have to understand and appreciate the origin of the genre. Aubrey “Bluesdog ” Dunham, one of the best blues acts of his time, understood the blues and its history.
For more than two decades, Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham traveled the world performing the blues with some of the most well know blues legends, including The Texas Tenors, Johnny Clyde Copeland, and others. Then he decided to go out on his own.

His music has been on the top of blues charts in the United States, Europe, and Japan for the past 20 years. Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham’s saxophone playing style dazzles audiences with its full, gritty and bouncy sounds that inspire his fans to jump up and dance. The fun and bouncy sounds are evident in his hits I Used To Be A Dog and Catch Up With The Blues.

“The Bluesdog ” is the saxophone-playing dog of the blues!
About HousTone Records

One of the key elements when working with HousTone Records is that the artist must agree to record/provide two well-known cover songs per each CD released. This allows HR to market unknown up-and-coming artists in a comfortable format to be judged by fans for the talent they have, based on the music the listeners already know. From these selections, we choose songs that match the theme of the release and include them as part of our marketing plan.

Submittal Guidelines
HousTone Records does not accept unsolicited material. Artists must request to submit three songs for review. One of the three songs must be a well-known, million selling cover song. Artists may only submit a request by e-mail but a HARD COPY PROMO PACKAGE must be sent only by regular mail. Once we review an artist’s material we will make our decision and notify artist by e-mail.

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# Title Song Duration Artist
1 I Use To Be A Dog 04:04 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
2 I Use To Be A Dog (Extended Version) 05:56 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
3 That’s Just The Way I Like It 04:35 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
4 That’s Just The Way I Like It (Extended Version) 05:17 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
5 What A Love To Know 04:11 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
6 What A Love To Know (Extended Version) 07:05 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
7 I’m Glad About My Good Thang 04:35 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
8 I’m Glad About My Good Thang (Extended Version) 07:12 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
9 Shotgun 04:02 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
10 Shotgun (Extended Version) 05:10 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
11 Born To Be Wild Part 1 Bonus 04:00 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
12 Born To Be Wild Part II Bonus 05:15 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
13 Blues Dog Boogy Bonus 03:40 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
14 I’M The Blue’s Dog Baby Bonus 04:01 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
15 No Skull, No Bone Bonus 02:52 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham
16 Sunday Kind Of Love 03:04 Aubrey “Bluesdog” Dunham

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