Beautiful Beige EP, Aubrey Dunham


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The Color Beige Stands For Unity Diversity And Equal “LOVE”

(Original Lyrics)
Happiness, Peace, and Universal Love
Are things you can fine right here on earth and
In Heaven above
Sooner or later we shall see a change over each of us,
Including me
There will be no Black, White, Brown Yellow or Red
The Only color of man, will be beautiful beige, beautiful beige
Love, Peace, and happiness are the only ways
I can only hope that all people of the earth,
Will be as one to see that day

There is a real chance that by then,
Instead of fighting each other we can and will all be friends.
And as we live as one the world will grow older in time
And as that happens all the people on earth will age
When that day comes there will be no Black, White
Brown Yellow or Red, as all on earth will be a beautiful beige
Then there will be no reasons for people to be
Known as Black, White, Brown, yellow or Red as All chances of discrimination when that
Happens, will be dead.
That is what real unity is and the only way that when these days
Occur, it will change discrimination will never exist in man’s head
If you and me could all see the true happiness and change that lies in
Our future days
Then you would know that the color of us all would
End up and I mean all beauty races full Beige
If the color of every man skin is no longer seen as Black, White, Brown, yellow or
Red, but a blend of all races skins colors then and only then we will all be as one, the color,
Beautiful Beige.

# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Beautiful Beige Instrumental 04:32 Sirron Kyles & Aubrey Dunham
2 Beautiful Beige 05:30 Sirron Kyles & Aubrey Dunham


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