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What Other People

What Other People Should Know About Black People (Second Edition) by Sirron Kyles and Rita Houston The Book Is Available At All Major Bookstores & Here Online & Can Be Purchase On Amazon

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HousTone Publishing announces the release of the second edition of its all-time best seller, What Other People Should Know About Black People.  Originally released in 1976, the 9-chapter book gives insight into the lives of black Americans in the 60s and 70s and how the previous decades led them there. The book also discusses the root of race classification and racism and several other divisive topics, including interracial sex and marriage.

The new edition includes a detailed photo gallery shows the life of mid-20th century black Americans, as well as updated resource information.
Co-author Sirron Kyles said he and Houston chose to rerelease the book after nearly 40 years because its core content has proven itself timeless.
With all the racial tension in America, the information here is as relevant today as it was when we originally wrote it, Kyles said. We rereleased it for new readers, to bring about unity, understanding and love for people of color, as it is all about love.

What Other People Should Know About Black People  explores fear as the major cause of racism, going back thousands of years to delve into how bigotry has plagued people of African heritage and other races of color, and how that bigotry has shaped their role in history.
The information contained in the book is intended to provide insight into the lives of black Americans in the 60s and 70s and some of their achievements within these periods. The content of the book is based on research and perspectives of the authors listed in the book, who are both African-Americans.

The book is available in all major bookstores and here online. More information about the book and others released by HousTone Publishing can be accessed at: http://houstonepublishing.com

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