Timeless Classics Volume XIV Bluesing New CD Playlist Release, Announcement

By: Victor Torres, Promotions

March 1, 2019

HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

Houston, TX – This new volume of music therapy from The Timeless Classics Music Collection is about understanding and enjoying the blues. Blues music typically has lyrics that deal with adversity but not just self-pity. It is also about joy and happiness and dancing. The blues is also about overcoming hard luck, saying what you feel, ridding yourself of frustration, letting your hair down, and simply having fun. Country artists like George Jones, George Strake, and many others, have been singing the blues for years, they just call it country.

HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

Timeless Classics
Volume XIV Bluesing, is unique in that it features music performances from a variety of genres including rock, jazz, sous, folk, R&B and country. With 86 sections, Bluesing has well known artists and some that should be well known. It is available on most music download portals, including HousToneRecords.com, and for streaming on Spotify. Bluesing will provide enjoyment and contentment for the spirit and mind.

A recent study from the Mayo Clinic has found that music may provide emotional and behavioral benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. HousTone Records’ mission is about making a difference by promoting and distributing music therapy one CD playlist at a time!

HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

When you think of the blues, you think about misfortune, betrayal and regret. You lose your job, you get the blues. Your mate falls out of love with you, you get the blues. Your dog dies, you get the blues. The blues grew up in the Mississippi Delta just upriver from New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Blues and jazz have always influenced each other and they still interact in countless ways today.

Unlike jazz, the blues didn’t spread out significantly from the South to the Midwest until the 1930s and 1940s. Once the Delta blues made their way up the Mississippi to urban areas, the music evolved into electrified Chicago blues, other regional blues styles, and various jazz-blues hybrids. A decade or so later the blues gave birth to rhythm ‘n blues and rock ‘n roll.

No single person invented the blues, but many people claimed to have discovered the genre. For instance, minstrel show bandleader W.C. Handy insisted that the blues were revealed to him in 1903 by an itinerant street guitarist at a train station in Tutwiler, Mississippi, according to the article, A Brief History Of The Blues by Ed Kopp.

HR’s Timeless Classics Music Collection focuses on re-introducing artists’ earlier music along with recent select releases of cover songs that have sold millions; and stands to reason that the Timeless Classics Music Collection, and its songs from every genre spanning many decades, can be used as a tool to stimulate or move people with different types of dementia, to help them remember musical memories.

“If you are not already a fan of the blues, get a copy and listen to TC VOL. XIV Bluesing and experience why there are so many fans of the blues and why you will forever be a fan of the blues,” Rebecca Jarvis, Contributor, Waiting Room USA Magazine.

Timeless Classics Volume XIV Bluesing

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# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Down By The River 06:21 Buddy Miles
2 I Think You’re Stepping Out On 03:43 Papa John Creach
3 Love Me Like a Man 05:49 Diana Krall
4 Blues For Sister Someone 03:00 Lenny Kravitz
5 Steamroller Blues 03:08 Elvis Presley
6 Blue Jean Blues 04:45 ZZ TOP
7 Begging Mama Blues 02:55 Dinah Washington
8 Everyday (I Have the Blues) 11:48 The Marshall Tucker Band
9 Sittin’ On Top Of The World 06:59 Jeff Healey
10 Sweet Baby Blues 03:13 Flora Purim
11 Last Night 05:10 Lightnin’ Hopkins
12 Berimbau Blues 03:40 Dinho Nascimento
13 Blues Stay Away From Me 03:51 Mark Knopfler
14 Big Road Blues 03:12 Rory Block
15 Gypsy Woman 02:36 Muddy Waters
16 Buttercup 03:51 Lucinda Williams
17 Working for the Pullman Company 04:17 Otis Taylor
18 Bluesmith 06:42 Jimmy Smith
19 If You’re Not Back In Love By Monday 04:54 Millie Jackson
20 Catfish Blues 07:49 Jimi Hendrix
21 Graveyard Blues 06:17 Kinny Abair
22 Losers Weepers 03:01 Etta James
23 Mississippi 04:41
24 True Blue 06:14 Calvin Owens & The Calvin Owens Orchestra
25 Roadhouse Blues 04:05 The Doors
26 26 Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith – Sobbin’ Hearted Blues 03:02 Bessie Smith
27 Stepping Out 04:47 Ellen Ten Damme
28 Riding With The King 04:23 B B King & Eric Clapton
29 Rhymes 05:06 Beth Hart, Joe Bonamassa
30 The Hunter [*] 02:45 Albert King
31 Dirty Feelin’ 05:21 Shirley Brown
32 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 06:56 Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers
33 What’d I Say 04:28 Eric Clapton/John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
34 Angel In Your Arms 04:41 Millie Jackson
35 Personal Manager 04:30 Albert King
36 Purple House 03:39 Prince
37 Me & Mr Jones [Explicit] 02:32 Amy Winehouse
38 All Night Long 07:58 Kinny Abair
39 Oblighetto 06:36 Brother Jack Mcduff
40 I Was Drunk 04:53 Alejandro Escovedo
41 02 – It Ain’t Fair 03:21 Aretha Franklin / Duane Allman
42 House Of Love 03:38 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
43 I’m A Little Mixed Up 02:51 Betty James
44 Murmur Low 02:42 Big Boy Spires
45 I’m A Man 03:00 Bo Diddley
46 Sweet Pain 07:43 Blues Traveler
47 Hex On Me – Part 11 04:49 Bobbie “Mercy” Oliver
48 Hex On Me – Remix – Part 1 04:47 Bobbie “Mercy” Oliver
49 Ma ‘Tit Fille 06:52 Buckwheat Zydeco
50 Basketball Jones 04:05 Cheech And Chong
51 (I Don’t Know Why) But I Do 02:22 Clarence Frogman Henry
52 Think – Instrumental 03:49 Curtis Mayfield
53 JJ Leaves LA 04:14 Daniel Lanois
54 Tina Turner – Tonight 03:33 David Bowie
55 Hey bartender 03:25 Floyd Dixon
56 I Just Want To Make Love To You 04:24 Foghat
57 Some Kind Of Wonderful 03:17
58 I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) 02:50 Howlin’ Wolf
59 The Weight 04:27 Jeff Healey
60 Since I Fell For You [Alternate Take] 06:26 Jimmy Smith
61 Something to remember you by 05:27 Albert Collins & Johnny Copeland
62 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss 02:38 B.B. King
63 The Bourgeois Blues 03:04 Lead Belly
64 Lonesome Dog 02:41 Lightnin’ Hopkins
65 I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good 02:25 Billie Holiday
66 Mama Talk To Your Daughter 03:57 John Mayall
67 Boom Boom 02:32 John Lee Hooker
68 Alimony Blues 02:50 Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson
69 Dust My Broom 02:58 Elmore James
70 Driftin’ Blues 03:50 Charles Brown
71 All Your Love 02:56 Otis Rush
72 Bayou Blood 03:15 Kenny Neal
73 Stormy Monday Blues 07:57 Klaus Doldinger + Passport
74 Just for the Thrill 04:33 Sean Chambers
75 The Very Thing that Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) 05:30 Ry Cooder
76 T’ain’t nobody’s business 04:12 Safhire the Uppity Blues Wome
77 Little Red Rooster 02:51 Sam Cooke
78 Twisted 05:11 Santana Feat. Anthony Hamilton
79 Pretty bad blues 01:53 The Shakin’ Pyramids
80 How Do I Let a Good Man Down? 03:03 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
81 81 _13 – Take It Easy Baby (Ver 2) 05:41 Sonny Boy Williamson & The Yardbirds
82 Tightrope 04:39 Stevie Ray Vaughan
83 Jazzy Harmonica Blues 03:50 Bobbie “Mercy” Oliver
84 Small Change 05:06 Tom Waits


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HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

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