HOUSTON: February 2016 Reggae World Part 2-Producer’s Picks, The New CD Vol. VII Reggae World Part 2-Producer’s, Picks. Release From The Timeless Classics Collection; Distributed by Houstone Records

HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

Sirron Kyles Founder and Executive Producer of the Bob Marley Festival Tour for 25 years, has made available performer’s audio submissions he received through the years.

Over 70 of his favorites songs released on the CD Reggae World Part 2-Producer’s, Picks. “The Timeless Classics Vol. VII. Is a Win, for fans, the CD helps the Tour’s efforts to always emphasis the next generation of Reggae and World music stars and the acts on this CD are just that, stars”, said Sirron

With todays technology music lovers have a variety of options to enjoy music, but it’s never been harder to discover new World and Reggae talent than it is today. By enticing listeners with songs I’ve recommend and love, and new artists they may not be filmier with, I hopes to increase those options using Reggae World Part 2. Producer’s Picks CD, as the catalyst.

Timeless Classics Music Collection was developed to promote new artists in a world where listeners are overwhelmed by unlimited choices to find music, like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon–and others that tend too gravitate toward familiar names. With fewer people tuning to traditional radio, talented new artists are having a harder time getting them-selves known.

Once fans become familiar with these artists, and being exposed to their music, they will become fans of them; Just saying,” Kyles said.

HousTone Records Making A Difference By Promoting And Distributing Music Therapy One CD At A Time.

“It’s a whole new approach too finding music you like and didn’t know.”

Timeless Classics Volume VII Reggae World 2, Producer Picks



# Title Song Duration Artist
1 Concrete Jungle 03:31 Céu
2 Get You Into My Life 03:40 Annette Brown And Chuckleberry
3 Guilty Of Loving You 03:06 Boris Gardiner
4 Dance & Shout 03:48 Shaggy
5 No Woman, No Cry 07:19 Peter Rowan
6 Missing You 04:12 Beenie Man And ARP
7 People Get Ready 03:56 Annonymos
8 Holding On 04:03 Sandra Cross
9 22 Questions ft Queen Omega 4:01 22 Questions ft Queen Omega
10 Cupid 03:50 Amy Winehouse
11 Addis Ababa (Studio Mix) 04:37 Dub Station & Shaka Black
12 Mí Reggae Fuego 4:33 Gomba Jahbari
13 Soul 03:47 Renee Asteria
14 I Pray 03:44 Apache Indian
15 Will You Still Love Me 04:29 The Verdict
16 One Drop 04:25 Dread Daze
17 Penitentiary 03:27 Jah A Man
18 Gate to Zion 02:37 King Banton
19 Freedom 04:05 MikeyX
20 Riberonzinha 04:29 Maria de Barros
21 Rub-A-Dub 04:23 Mystic Bowie
22 Full Moon Risin’ 04:54 Riddim Forz
23 Taking it Back from you 04:05 Alana Da Costa
24 O Si Keka 07:23 Kaissa
25 Original Landlord 04:46 Casper Loma Da-Wa
26 Question 03:48 Heda Rose
27 Repatriation Time (Featuring Dennis Brown) 04:06 First Born
28 Music Is The True Destination 05:26 Inna Vision
29 He Was A Hero 04:59 One People Band
30 Sir Remy 06:19 Derek Douget
31 Dark Continent 06:42 Scott Fitzgerald
32 Rappin’ Through The Jungle 04:11 Scott Fitzgerald
33 Mama Africa 04:26 Akon
34 Mongoose 02:34 Jamaican Steel Band
35 Amazing Grace 05:13 Jamaican Steel Band
36 All That She Wants 03:34 Ace Of Base
37 Don’t Turn Around 03:52 Ace Of Base
38 The Sign 03:13 Ace Of Base
39 Living In Danger 03:44 Ace Of Base
40 Wheel Of Fortune 03:54 Ace Of Base
41 0
42 I Got A Girl 03:14 Lou Bega
43 Live A Little 04:28 Hawaiian Style Band
44 My Life 03:25 Stranger
45 Here I Am Baby 04:15 Al Brown
46 Keep On Moving 03:11 Bob Marley & The Wailers
47 Many Rivers To Cross 02:44 Jimmy Cliff
48 Johnny Too Bad 03:12 The Slickers
49 Holly Holy 03:08 The Fabulous Flames
50 My Best Girl 02:35 The Paragons
51 Mr Fix It 03:24 Max Romeo
52 Stay A Little Bit Longer 02:21 Delano Stewart
53 The Guns Of Navarone 02:31 The Skatalites
54 Time Hard 02:33 The Pioneers
55 Set Them Free 02:30 Lee Perry & The Sensations
56 A Who Responsible? 3:52 Steel Pulse
57 Your House 03:42 Steel Pulse
58 Morenita Linda 03:38 Steele
59 King of Kings 03:56 Luciano
60 Don’t Break My Heart 03:51 UB40
61 No Surrender 03:43 First Born
62 Rewind the rhythm 00:10 Sheb Schwae
63 Reggae Fest 03:26 SEEFARI
64 Magic Carpet With Anthony Redrose 04:00 Apache Indian
65 Dancehall Queen 03:23 Beenie Man/Chevelle Franklyn
66 High Grade 03:49 Capleton
67 La-La Means I love YOU 03:38 Big Mountain
68 Dunno 05:25 Vegitation
69 My Empress 05:16 Jah Lion
70 A Fool Say in His Heart 03:48 Sister Nancy
71 Jhonny You Or Rude Boy 03:47 Empress Isis
72 Guilty 03:40 MikeyX
73 Blaze Dem 03:16 Heda Rose
74 Life 08:04 Taj Weekes
75 Dutty Giddeon 04:09 Idre
76 Round And Round (Featuring Baldy Loco) 04:29 Zukie Joseph
77 It’s Time 05:21 Errol Moore
78 Beyond The Struggle 03:34 Positively Nelsons
79 Number One 03:58 Causion
80 Stay Positive 04:58 Pato Banton
81 Caribbean Woman 02:55 The New Islanders
82 Pas De Problèmes 3:38 Kana
83 Movin to the Top 03:37 Carlos, Don & Gold
84 Romantic Call 04:02 Patra (f/ Yo-Yo)
85 Night Nurse 04:01 Gregory Isaacs
86 Money In My Pocket 03:49 Dennis Brown
87 I Can See Clearly Now 02:40 Johnny Nash
88 Uptown Top Ranking 03:51 Althia & Donna
89 Silly Games 03:51 Janet Kay
90 Murder She Wrote 04:05 Chaka Demus And Pliers
91 Searching 04:07 China Black
92 Swing Low Sweet Chariot 03:33 Ladysmith Black Mambazo
93 She’s Gone 03:42 Morgan Heritage
94 Pretty Lady 03:43 Savana (Feat. Jason)
95 Dutty Wine 03:31 Elephant Man
96 Do you know 03:33 Mr Vegas
97 When love comes Knocking 03:40 Queen Ifrica
98 Below The Waist 03:34 Queen Ifrica
99 Between Me And You 04:12 Caroll Campbell
100 Cos You Love Me Baby 04:43 Paulette Tajah
101 Feel So Good 04:01 Sandra Reid
102 Herban Hustling 04:30 Sugar Minott
103 Baby Be True 03:16 Carroll Thompson
104 Jazzy (Baby) Lady 05:28 Paula
105 Caught You In A Lie 04:53 Sandra Reid
106 I Love You 02:51 Sister Audrey
107 Im Gonna Fall In Love 03:33 Tinga Stewart
108 Dear Boopsie 03:53 Pam Hall
109 Its You 04:11 Sandra Cross
110 Girly Girly 03:09 Sophia George
111 Shes Mine 03:43 Barrington Levy
112 Big In Bed 03:44 Lilly Melody
113 Black Pride 03:09 Kofi
114 Baby Can I Hold You Tonight 03:26 Foxy Brown
115 Late Date 03:33 Gregory Isaacs And Lady Patra
116 Give Me Your Loving 03:20 Marcia Griffiths And Cutty Ranks
117 Who Say Man Nuh Cry 03:36 Buju Banton And Beres Hammond
118 All The Woman I Need 03:33 Garnett Silk
119 Last Chance 03:19 Mykal Roze
120 Missing You 03:46 Pam Hall
121 Sweet Like Honey 03:29 Sylvia Tella And Leroy Mafia
122 Body Guard 03:47 Ghost
123 Cant Stop Loving You 04:08 Donna Marie
124 Thank You Lord 04:02 Judy Mowatt
125 All For You 03:21 Queen Omega
126 From Cairo with love 03:45 The Reggae Ska Conspiracy
127 The Bed’s Too Big Without You 03:01 Sheila Hylton
128 Love to You 04:22 Burning Spear
129 My Doorbell (Featuring Craig Dreyer) 05:37 Bigga Haitian
130 Zimbabwe 03:48 Bob Marley & the Wailers
131 Could You Be Loved 03:35 Bob Marley & the Wailers

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